We're putting together our next Punk Rock Kids Rep Team! 

We want to round up a diverse team of kids who want to represent our brand. We are hoping for kids of various ages, all skin shades and abilities. Punk Rock Kids is for everyone who loves our style and we want our social feeds to reflect that. Our search is open to kids around the world and will close on once all spots have been filled. The term will run from August through December 2022.

Here's what we are looking for:

  • A love for our products
  • Clear, quality, high res photos that fit our punk/grunge/urban style
  • An active, public social media presence
  • Willingness and past history of engagement on our posts on both IG and FB
  • Nice people who won't start drama- we are not about that.


Our PRK Team is made up of two levels:


Returning PRK Reps receive a 35% discount and first-time reps receive a 30% discount on all PRK purchases in the shop and 15-20% at Huck Market. Reps are usually chosen for photo collaborations and have the opportunity to earn free merch, as well as the option to purchase items before they're available to everyone else.

Usually Brand Reps are team members who have purchased from us before and have shown enthusiasm for our brand prior to the search. They usually have at least 1000 followers on IG, high engagement, and high quality photos that fit with our feed and branding.

We usually choose kids who don't rep for other cuff shops for these top positions. We sometimes welcome people to the team who rep for other cuff shops, but since their support will be split between shops, if chosen, we usually give them Brand Enthusiast positions.

Also, one test we do when deciding between rep or entusiast positions is to evaluate if photos can be posted without any editing needing to be done on our part, (outside of cropping- we love uncropped photos because they work well in our larger banners). Rep spots are reserved for those who can submit photos that are high quality and ready to post without requiring editing. 


Brand enthusiasts receive a 25% discount on all purchases in the shop and 10-15% at Huck Market events. Enthusiasts will also have the chance to volunteer for collaborations and early access to product drops.

A Brand Enthusiast position is often a stepping stone to a Rep position if you're new to brand repping or have a smaller following on social media. It's a great place to get some perks and be part of the team while you grow your following and get to know our brand.

Here's what we will expect from our team:

  • That you'll submit high res photos for all items received at a discount, showcasing both full body shots and close up details of our items
  • That you'll turn on notifications for our posts so you know when to engage
  • That you'll engage with our posts on social media
  • That you'll be active in our VIP group
  • That you'll repost promotion graphics for sales, new drops, etc. on your feeds and to stories throughtout your term


Here's how to enter:

  1. Apply using the form to the below.
  2. Post the graphic above to your social feeds with the hashtag #PRKTEAM22 and follow the directions on the next page.
    You can get to the next page by clicking here if you're not taken there automatically.

Thank you so much for your support and Good Luck!!!