Our cuffs are sized according to the length of the inside of the cuff when it's snapped shut, so the size you order should be the measurement from the center of one snap to the center of the other. Since there is 1" of leather that overlaps when your cuff is snapped closed, the total length of your cuff from end to end is approx 1" longer than the size of the cuff.

If you're wondering which size you should order, we recommend measuring your wrist where you'd like your cuff to sit using a flexible tape measurer. If you don't have a flexible tape measurer, you can use a piece of string, cut it the length around your wrist and then measure the string using a ruler. 

Once you have your wrist measurement, we can find you the perfect size. For skinny cuffs, 3/4" wide, we recommend adding 1/2" to your wrist measurement for your cuff size. For a 1.25" wide cuff, we recommend adding 1/2" - 3/4" to your wrist measurement for a good cuff size. For a wide 1.5" cuff, we recommend adding 3/4" - 1" to your wrist size for a good fit.

Since wider cuffs take up more space on your wrist, they usually go higher up your arm where your arm gets bigger, which is why wide cuffs require more room.

We hope this helps! Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions about sizing or would like us to guess based on age.